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Marine diesel engine parts 

Power parts for Marine Diesel Engine / Parts for Power Plant & Locomotive / Power parts for Ind.& environmental equip / Other parts solution

Handling Products - TurboCharger Assy

As the only manufacturer of turbo charger for midsize diesel engines in Korea,
- abundant experience and supply records.
- strict quality control and advanced production facility.
- accumulated technology and continuous research and development

Maximization of energy efficiency and the best mechanism
- excellent quality and diverse products.
- low cost and high performance -> compact structure
- maximization of energy efficiency ->optimum system matching

General parts (diesel engine for ships and power generations)  

Handling products - Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Liner, Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod, Cam & Shaft Piston
General parts- STX MAN

STX  Manufactured Engine model is as follows:

Main Propulsion engine

K98MC-C, K90MC-C, K80MC-C, S70MC-C, S60MC-C, S50MC-C, S46MC-C, S42MC, , S35MC, L35MC, S26MC, L+V32/40, L+V28/32H, L27/38, L+V23/30A(K), L21/31


T23LH-4E, L16/24, L23/30(H), L21/31, S28LH-4E, L+V28/32H(A,V), L27/38, L32/40

 MAN Turbocharger:

TCA55, TCA66, TCA77, NR15/R, NR14/S, NR15, NR20, NR20/R(S), NR24/R(S), NR26/R, NR29/S, NR34/R(S)

However STX have small references of below model and it is  able to supply for the spare parts with limited version. If the engine was produced by STX or Ssangyong, there will be no problem.

Main Propulsion engine

K98MC-C, K90MC-C, K80MC-C

MAN Turbocharger

TCA55, TCA66, TCA77




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